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        Accounting, Professional Development

        Virtual Interview Tips

        February 12, 2020 By Allison Watson

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        Do you have virtual (video-based) interviews scheduled? Check out the helpful tips and tricks inside this post!

        Step-by-Step Preparation:

        • Step 1: Prepare, practice, dress professionally, know your résumé inside and out, research the company & have smart questions to ask
        • Step 2: Technology – test set up and platform, audio with headphones, don’t sit too close to camera, practice making eye contact with it
        • Step 3: Environment – quiet, well lit space, avoid swivel or oversized chairs; turn off phone
        • Step 4: Be yourself & speak to interviewer as you would in person; interview practice gives you confidence; confidence helps you relax and be the real you

        Extra Tips:

        • Research common interview questions and practice responding to them
        • Be enthusiastic and showcase your interest in the company and the role you want
        • Be cognizant of the time delay – wait to respond until you are positive the interviewer is done talking
        • Relate your previous experiences to skills that are necessary for the role
        • Answer questions directly and confidently
        • Ask good questions that highlights your knowledge of the company and the industry

        BE: Confident, relaxed

        MAINTAIN: great eye contact,
        professional appearance

        • Know where to look for eye contact
        • Don’t sit too close or in a swivel chair
        • Check audio and video beforehand
        • Be on time for your time slot
        • Showcase your background
        • Come with good questions
        • Send smart follow-ups to show you know the firm
        • Be specific, don’t get distracted
        • Answer the question instead of working around it
        • Keep it conversational
        • There is usually a 1-2 second delay in audio so wait to ask a question until you are sure they are done talking
        • Show your enthusiasm & prove your research – firm, industry, desired role
        • Utilize good lighting, professional atmosphere, eliminate distractions – could ask the OPCD for an open office if one is not readily available!
        • Provide your point of view as to why you want to work there
        • Connect what you’ve done to the role you want and answer questions directly
        • Practice so you are less nervous and less likely to go off topic (MOCK INTERVIEWS or INTERVIEW STREAM)