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        What Not to Wear: Warm Weather Edition

        April 18, 2021 By Colby Lakas

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        Warmer weather is here, and so are the questions about what is “recruiting appropriate” for the higher temps. Use this guide to make sure employers give you high marks in the appearance category!

        The world of public accounting is still relatively conservative compared to young people’s standards for proper dress.  It is ALWAYS good to wear something your grandma would appreciate.  How you are dressed can greatly influence the impression you make upon employers, so keep that in mind when picking out your recruiting garb. I’ve seen plenty of wardrobe indiscretions in my day—don’t be THAT guy or girl!



        Boat shoes (e.g. Sperry) are great for the docks, but not appropriate for business casual recruiting events.

        Open-toed shoes are ok as long as they have a back on them. 

        No matter how hot your feet get, you should always wear SOCKS!

        Sleeveless tops and cropped/capri pants are not considered business casual by public accounting standards.  Throw on a cardigan over anything sleeveless to look more conservative.

        Get to know your dry cleaner – no collared shirts look good unless they are properly pressed.

        If you’re told to wear business professional, you should still complete your outfit with a jacket. This does not have to exactly match your bottoms (skirt/pants/dress), but should coordinate in some way.

        Undershirts are a great accessory to keep sweat at bay, but avoid them showing under a nice shirt.

        Although you see a lot of denim or chambray dresses/jackets out there, they are too casual & not appropriate for anything but Blue Jean Fridays.

        SHAVE!  Facial hair should be neatly groomed or non-existent.

        If you’re not the same size you were in high school, don’t try to fit into your clothes from that era!  Tight clothing and too short dresses/skirts are a turnoff to recruiters.  The fingertip test for skirts is a foolproof way of knowing that you're not skimping in the length department.

        Try to coordinate your belt and shoes – brown shoes with a brown belt, etc.

        If you’re wearing a button down or low-necked shirt, wear a cami!  Buttons can gap and you could be showing more than just your résumé to the firm reps.

        If a firm tells you that attire is CASUAL, wear something you’d wear on a date to Amsterdam Cafe.  Dress to be comfortable for the weather, but don’t compromise your professionalism.