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        The Harbert College of Business mentorship program, facilitated through an online platform, connects real-world business professionals with students aspiring to join their field. As a mentee, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge about business in practice through an informational interview, job shadowing, one-on-one mentoring sessions, or other learning opportunities. We also offer an informal option that allows you to reach out to your mentor just to ask questions, seek advice, or learn more about their position.

        Formal Mentorship Program

        The hand matched mentor-mentee relationship is fostered by the program coordinator. As a mentee, you’ll spend one semester receiving professional and career development through your mentor relationship with a leading professional.

        Informal Mentorship Program

        This option takes a more informal, non-binding approach to the mentoring relationship. The mentor decides how often you, as a mentee, can contact them to seek advice, ask questions, and build your network.

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