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        General Requirements

        To accomplish the objectives of the PhD in Business-Information Systems, you will complete the following:

        • A formal program of study
        • Two examination manuscripts
        • Dissertation research
        • A minimum of 60 hours beyond the bachelor degree

        A specific degree plan will be determined by your advisor depending on your goals and background. The general requirements are as follows:

        • A minimum of four statistics courses, depending on your background*
        • A minimum of four research courses 
        • A minimum of 9 content hours in your respective area of specialization**
        • A minimum of 10 hours of ISMN 8990/8996 Research and Dissertation.

        *You will take some statistics courses from other colleges across campus, including advanced statistical methods, advanced regression, multivariate analysis, and structural equation modeling.
        **You can choose any course that is 6000 and above with advisor approval. See courses listed under Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, or Business Analytics for more information.

        Research Courses (Choose Four)

        What to Expect

        First and Second Year

        You will complete the bulk of coursework in the first two years. This coursework includes a mix of research and methodology courses (including statistics) as well as the required core classes within your chosen area of specialization.

        Third Year

        You will devote your third year to two required research papers. After your two papers are accepted by your professor and approved by the paper committee, you will work on your dissertation proposal.

        First paper: Report the results of an empirical, data-based research study that you designed and conducted. 

        Second paper: Choose from an empirical study (using data collected by you or secondary data), a conceptual piece (e.g., a comprehensive, critical literature review, development of a theoretical framework, or a meta-analysis), or a legal case analysis or case study. 

        Fourth Year

        Your fourth year is dedicated to dissertation research. Your dissertation should be original research that contributes to the body of knowledge in your field of study. This is your final step to complete the program.

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        Kang Bok Lee

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