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        What to Expect

        iLEAD Workshop

        Participate in one of our many iLEAD workshops where you will gain the skills necessary to become a business leader. 

        Key to the Auburn MSF program is providing opportunities for students to build leadership and interpersonal competence and confidence. Toward this end, students participate in multiple iLEAD sessions. These interactive sessions, offered during weekend retreats or Friday workshops, are facilitated by faculty and staff and focus on key leadership and interpersonal skill building. These sessions allow time for exploration and practice.

        By providing dual lessons in leadership and group dynamics, iLEAD delivers a unique perspective necessary to manage people for success.

        A great team makes a great experience

        Frank Oprandy leading a question and answer session with teams.

        Work in Teams

        Dr. Stan Harris delivering a lecture to students in the workshop.

        Learn from Expert Faculty

        Brackets and teamwork equal fun.

        Enjoy Learning Concepts

        Meet new people and network durning the iLead workshop.

        Build Your Network

        Learn ways to connect and help your team mates.

        Make Connections

        Fun experiential learning helps build teamwork skills for a lifestime.

        Learn the Value of Teamwork

        International Experience

        Inspire business globally with our MSF program. Here at the Harbert College of Business, you will have the opportunity to work with global business. 

        As part of the MSF program and if permitted, you will have the opportunity to spend 10 days on a global business immersion trip. Learn the trade through touring manufacturing plants, meeting with the CEO of a technology startup, or sitting in on a round-table discussion between experts on a certain country’s most important industry—all while getting to experience places like Italy, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, or many others.

        By the trip's end, you’ll have a greater understanding of ​business models utilized in your destination country as well as its history and culture. You will return with a broader understanding of the complexities of today’s increasingly multinational business environment. If international travel is restricted, you will have opportunities for other international exposure experiences.

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