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        Faculty & Staff Directory

        Pankush Kalgotra

        Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Business Analytics and Information Systems


        Areas of Expertise

        Healthcare Analytics Network Science Dark Side of Information Technology Neuroimaging in Information Systems

        Research Interests

        Predictive Modeling Deep Learning Health Disparities

        Professional Activities

        Pankush Kalgotra earned his PhD in Management Science and Information Systems from Oklahoma State University. He has an MS in Management Information Systems from Oklahoma State University and a BTech in Information Technology from National Institute of Technology Raipur in India. 

        His research interests include healthcare analytics, network science, neuroimaging in information systems and the dark side of information technology. His recent articles have appeared in journals such as Journal of Management Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Business Research, Nature’s Scientific Reports, International Journal of Medical Informatics, Expert Systems with Applications, International Journal of Information Management and others.

        Journal Publications

        Kalgotra, P., Sharda, R. (2023). Network Analytics: An Introduction and Illustrative Applications in Health Data Science. Journal of IT Case and Application Research.
        Kalgotra, P., Sharda, R., Parasa, S. (2023). Quantifying Disease-Interactions through Co-occurrence Matrices to Predict Early Onset Colorectal CancerDecision Support Systems, 168, 113929.

        Davazdahemami, B., Kalgotra, P., Zolbanin, H., Delen, D. (2023). A Developer-Oriented Recommender Model for the App Store: A Predictive Network Analytics Approach. Journal of Business Research, 158, 113649.

        Kalgotra, P., Raja, U., Sharda, R. (2022). Growth in the development of health and fitness apps amid COVID-19 pandemic. Digital Health, 8. (Impact Factor: 4.687)

        Liu, S, Wei, C., Kalgotra, P., Cobanoglu, C. (2022). Seeing is believing? Data mining to create a choice-based conjoint approach for restaurant mobile marketing. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 104, 103248.

        Baham, C., Kalgotra, P., Nasir, F., Sharda, R. (2022). Generational differences in handling technology interruptions: A qualitative study. European Journal of Information Systems.

        Desai M., Lieberman DA, Srinivasan S, Nutalapati V, Challa A, Kalgotra P, Sundaram S, Repici A, Hassan C, Kaminski MF, Sharma P. (2022). Post-endoscopy Barrett's neoplasia after a negative index endoscopy: A systematic review and proposal for definitions and performance measures in endoscopy. Endoscopy. (Impact Factor: 10.093)

        Sundaram S, Melquist S, Kalgotra P, Srinivasan S, Parasa S, Desai M, Sharma P. (2022). Impact of Age, Sex, Race, and Regionality, on Major Clinical Outcomes of COVID-19 In Hospitalized Patients in the United States.   BMC Infectious Diseases, 22, 659. (Impact Factor: 3.401)

        Patil N, Kalgotra P, et al. (2022) Factors associated with poor outcomes among COVID-19 patients with gastrointestinal symptoms. Gastro Hep Advances.

        Kalgotra, P., Sharda, R. (2021). When will I get out of the Hospital? Modeling Length of Stay Using Comorbidity Networks. Journal of Management Information Systems, 38(4), 1150-1184.

        Kalgotra, P., Gupta, A., Sharda, R. (2021). Pandemic Information Support Lifecycle: Evidence from the evolution of Mobile Apps during COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Business Research. 134, 540-559.

        Mitra, A., Kalgotra, P.  (2021). Optimal trimming proportion in regression analysis for non-normal distributions. Journal of Business Analytics.

        Kalgotra. P., Sharda, R., Croff, J. (2020). Examining Multimorbidity Differences across Racial Groups: A Network Analysis of Electronic Medical Records. Scientific Reports, a Nature Journal, 10, 13538.

        Davazdahemami, B., Hammer, B., Kalgotra, P., Luse, A., (2020). From General to Situational Privacy Concerns: A New Mechanism to Explain Information Disclosure in Social Networks. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 47.

        Kalgotra, P., Sharda, R., Luse, A. (2020). Which similarity measure to use in network analysis: Impact of sample size on Phi Correlation Coefficient and Ochiai Index. Information Journal of Information Management. 55, 102229.

        Kalgotra. P., Sharda, R., Hammer, B., Albert, D. (2019). Sensor Analytics for Interpretation of EKG Signals. Expert Systems with Applications, 123(1 June 2019), 377-385.

        Kalgotra, P., Sharda, R., & McHaney, R. (2019). Don’t Disturb Me! Understanding the Impact of Interruptions on Knowledge Work: An Exploratory Neuroimaging Study. Information Systems Frontiers21(5), 1019-1030.

        Kalgotra, P., Sharda, R. (2018) BIARAM: A Process for Analyzing Correlated Brain Regions Using Association Rule Mining. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 162(2018) 99-108.

        Kalgotra. P., Sharda, R., Croff, J. (2017). Examining Health Disparities by Gender: A Multimorbidity Network Analysis of Electronic Medical Record. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 108, 22–28. (Best Paper Award by AIS SIGHealth).

        Kalgotra, P., Sharda, R., Paiva, W. D. (2017). Analysis of a Sequence of Events in Healthcare. Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems | Vol, 2017(2), 9-24.

        Asamoah, D. A., Sharda, R., Hassan Zadeh, A., Kalgotra, P. (2017). Preparing a Data Scientist: A Pedagogic Experience in Designing a Big Data Analytics Course. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 15(2), 161-190.

        Asamoah, D., Sharda, R., Kalgotra, P., Ott, M. (2016) Who Renews? Who Leaves? Advanced Churn Analysis Using Big Data Techniques in a Telecom Company. Journal of Information Systems Education. 27(4), 223-232.




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