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        Marketing students provide consultation for new video game

        March 11, 2016 By Joe McAdory

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        What if you had the power to transform your DNA – dividing abilities between valor, courage and intelligence? You can, if you play the web-based video game Genomia, a concept developed by Chromatid Dynamics and recently released on Kickstarter with the assistance of Harbert College marketing students.

        Students in associate professor Dan Padgett’s class conducted a feasibility study for the new game to determine market potential.

        “We helped show the designers how to make the game more approachable on Kickstarter and how to get funding for it,” said Connor McNamara, a junior in marketing from Telluride, Colo. “We helped them compare it to other games of that type. For example, we looked at other games – what type of soundtracks and game play they had that made them successful. You want to add elements from super successful games.”

        In Genomia, the player assumes the character of Artico, an alien from the distant planet of Oran Ba. In the game, Artico must find is lost family and beloved character Tecla. He is in constant danger, but is afforded a Genomia, a power that allows the user to alter his DNA. If Kickstarter goals are met, the game will be developed for PC and Mac platforms.

        McNamara suggested the PC games are “significantly” cheaper than Xbox or PS4 games. “On a computer, you can download it right there and you don’t have to go shop for it,” he said.

        Padgett said projects such as this offer students a number of professional benefits.

        “First, students work in cross-functional teams which provides them valuable experience on two levels—they gain experience working with others, but also have to integrate the work in their discipline with the work of others from different disciplines to complete the project,” he said. “They get to see first-hand how the different areas of business fit together to make business decisions.

        “Second, students get to work with international clients on a specific project, which provides them an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom. Third, students gain valuable communication skills by creating a formal business report and presenting their findings and suggestions to their client. These are all important benefits that recruiters look for when they consider students for positions.”