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        Rome added to Global Summer Internships Program

        November 17, 2014

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        romeStudents have the opportunity next summer to not only earn nine credit hours and gain valuable internship experience, but to also do it in the shadows of the Vatican and Coliseum. Harbert College’s Global Summer Internships Program is adding Rome (May 23-July 11) to its list of 2015 destinations, which also includes Cheng Du, China (May 23-July 11), London (June 14-Aug. 8) and Dublin, Ireland (June 21-Aug. 8). “Working abroad gives students a real advantage from a (job) recruiting standpoint,” said Dan Padgett, a marketing professor who directs Harbert College’s Global Summer Internships Programs. “It gives them experience to do business in a real setting that they don’t have in the classroom. International internships are also a step above because of the added cultural issues. That’s a real valuable experience.” Padgett said adding Rome “gives students a portfolio of different options -- and part of the portfolio is going to be obvious places that people think are interesting.” Students interning in Cheng Du work in teams on a variety of corporate consulting-style projects tailored toward real-world business issues. Rome, Padgett said, will be a “mirror-image,” compared to traditional internships in London and Dublin. Padgett lauded the “team” aspect of Rome and China. “Students have a certain amount of things they have to do by themselves, but then they have to integrate it with other folks. There is also an international member with each team, so it’s not just teamwork -- it’s an international team,” he said. “The good part about this particular option, because it’s team-based, is I can take somebody who is just getting started in their major, and put them with a senior who is about to graduate and they have a mentoring role now.” The trip to Rome also offers numerous sightseeing opportunities, including trips to the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Weekend excursions to Pompeii, Milan, and Cinque Terra are also available. Courses available for credit are expected to include Principles of Marketing, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising and Promotion, and Financial Marketing and Institutions. “Going abroad is an eye-opening thing,” Padgett said. “Interaction with other cultures, even something simple like shopping for toothpaste, is a different thing if you can’t speak the language.” For more information on Harbert College’s Global Summer Internships Program, contact Dan Padgett at (334) 844-2462 or