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        Graduation marshal leaves Harbert with real-world experience

        December 11, 2017 By Joe McAdory

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        M.K. Matus will receive a degree in Supply Chain Management from Auburn University on Dec. 16, but the senior from Huntsville, Ala., believes she already has “real-world” experience.

        Not only did her senior-level classes focus on resolving industry-related problems, but her internship at Hyundai Motor America in Montgomery gave her an inside peek at management systems inside a large manufacturing plant. “There are so many benefits to having an internship program,” said Matus. “Not only because I personally enjoyed mine, but because it’s much like a trial run in the real world.”

        matusAt Hyundai, some of Matus’ many duties included analyzing the company’s data collection capabilities, and developing a process to streamline the transfer of raw data into legible information.

        Matus will represent the Harbert College of Business as its graduation marshal at the upcoming commencement. She couldn’t say enough about the Supply Chain Management Professional Experience Program and its required internship.

        “I think every student who attends Harbert College should have an internship,” said Matus, who carries a 3.66 GPA. “Although finding an internship is very stressful, it’s worth it because you will learn more in three to six months of employment than you ever could in one semester because you're learning it first-hand, and not from a book.”

        “My internship was pretty unique compared to most people’s. I was taught advanced functions of Microsoft Excel, SAP and other systems that help manage the inside of a manufacturing plant. I also had the chance to observe how a very efficient, large manufacturing facility worked in real time.”

        Aside from lessons learned in the classroom or on the job, Matus has another takeaway from her time at Auburn: connecting with people.

        “Meeting the right people is the difference between getting your dream job and getting a job you can settle for,” she added. “As a graduate, if you can get your foot in the door somewhere, you might as well have been handed the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. Without Auburn, I don’t believe I would have this knowledge, which constantly pushes me to make an effort to get to know everyone around me even if they’re not associated with supply chain.”

        Matus plans to continue her education at Auburn University and will soon begin pursuit of a second undergraduate degree, this one in software engineering.