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        Students consider new building at Harbert College of Business 'Immaculate,' 'Phenomenal'

        August 19, 2019 By Joe McAdory

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        “This building is really going to facilitate the thought leadership that the Harbert College of Business wants to create ...”

        Students at the Harbert College of Business were treated to a second building when Fall Semester kicked off on Monday, August 19. The 105,000-square foot structure with student commons and innovative classrooms drew rave reviews from students and administrators:

        "It’s immaculate. It’s very spacious and the rooms foster learning, especially with the circular tables. It’s a lot more collaborative than the traditional classroom. I feel like I’m going to learn a lot in this building." — Hollis Huge, second-year MBA


        class"This building is phenomenal, cutting-edge. It’s what the students in the College of Business and Auburn need. This building is really going to facilitate the thought leadership that the Harbert College of Business wants to create and help the students become their best selves — not only with collaborative spaces here in the classrooms, but how the entire building is laid out. One aspect of these classrooms is there are tables and screens all around. It allows you to be able to work in groups and not have to turn your head all of the time to be able to see the instructor. It fosters that group environment. On the career side, the future of work is going to be more collaborative-based. The earlier you can learn how to work as a team and work with people who might have different backgrounds and perspectives, the better you are going to be professionally for when you get out into the real world. These classrooms do a very good job of setting students up for success, whether they know it or not." — A.J. Stanley, senior, finance


        couch"Within the MBA program, we do a lot of team projects, so I feel like the EASL (Engaged Active Student Learning) classrooms are really going to be great for collaboration and learning. I also love all of the seating space around the new business building. It will be great for teamwork and somewhere to sit between classes." — Lucy Mostellar, second-year MBA



        "It's fantastic because in the College of Business, we have never had that many student center spaces. This building is literally built for us. We have so many student spaces on every floor, especially the ground floor and that sparks a lot of interaction and collaboration."Jennifer Shirah, sophomore, accounting


        roof"This building solidifies the sense that we are a destination for students. They are going to find space to network. They don’t have to go somewhere else in-between classes. The identity of the College of Business is enhanced. There’s a lot of research on how the environment effects the culture. With this building, we have elevated an already professional culture to an even higher level. There’s a sense of pride and professionalism that’s part of the culture and it almost happens unconsciously and people don’t realize it’s happening. It changes the way you feel about yourself and the way you feel about your degree program." — Stan Harris, Harbert College of Business Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs


        "I like how it looks. The way it looks — that excellence — an excellent spirit that does everything as well as you can do it, presenting yourself well and who you represent.  It’s very sleek and it looks like state-of-the-art business."Wells Smith, freshman, marketing


        glassy"This building looks so nice — it has that modern look with all of the glass. It has more resources for us business students. I’m a freshman and this is my first day of class. I thought the building would be older. This place is nice! I’ll probably come here a lot when I need to study."Victoria Angus, freshman, pre-business/accounting



        "We went upstairs and I love the terrace, being able to go outside and take a seat. The building has a simple design, but it’s also very modern, which I love. I love all of the study places that we can go. It gives me space and room to study if I need to get a clear head. I’ve never seen the type of classroom that has TVs all over the wall, with the technological advantages that it gives me." — Savanna Randle, senior, management