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        Auburn University CityBuilders to Host Affordable Rental Housing Development Forum

        April 29, 2022 By Gregg Bass

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        CityBuilders May 25, 2022 Symposium Event 2pm Truist Park, Atlanta

        CityBuilders, an initiative of Auburn University’s Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) program, will host its 2022 Symposium & Industry Networking Event on May 25 at Truist Park, home of the reigning World Series Champion Atlanta Braves. The focus of this year’s event, The Future of Affordable Rental Housing and Real Estate Development — Innovation, Capital, and Partnerships, combines insight and experience from prominent real estate business experts and community developers in the Southeast discussing opportunities for this growing market segment.

        Hosts for this year’s event include Damon E. Duncan, a 30-year public housing professional who owns and operates Clesia Ventures, LLC, an affordable housing development and consulting firm based in metro Atlanta, and Kim Kuerten, executive director, Graduate Executive Programs at the Harbert College of Business. Other hosts include Greg Winchester, head, Industry & Alumni Relations and adjunct professor at Harbert, and Justin Benefield, faculty director of the Auburn MRED program.

        A Unique Opportunity

        A select group of prominent commercial real estate industry experts and community development officials will share their views surrounding the challenges and promise of affordable rental housing development in major southeastern markets. The symposium begins at 2 p.m. (ET) with a series of three panel discussions:

        • Partnerships and Industry Leaders”
        • “Capital and Credit Providers” 
        • “Innovation: Developers, Contractors, and Architects.”

        Following the plenary sessions, an exclusive industry networking event will be held at Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos Back Porch of Truist Park. From this venue overlooking center field, attendees will watch the Atlanta Braves v. Philadelphia Phillies starting at 7:20 p.m.

        Register by May 6 for discount tickets of $150. Tickets can be purchased May 7-15 for $175. 

        Seating is limited so early registration is encouraged. In addition to the symposium, networking event, and ballgame, tickets also cover parking and food.

        Register Here!

        “This year’s event is going to benefit anyone in the affordable housing market,” Duncan said. “Navigating the challenges and opportunities of affordable rental housing development offers worthwhile advantages to businesses and communities for a host of reasons.”

        The symposium delivers on the mission of CityBuilders and MRED, a joint program from Auburn’s Harbert College of Business and the College of Architecture, Design and Construction, to drive thought leadership in commercial real estate development throughout the region.

        “For Auburn, this event points to the legacy of success delivered by Auburn MRED leadership, faculty, partners and alumni over the past decade in serving the needs of the real estate development community,” said Kuerten

        An Impressive Line Up

        Panelists for this year’s symposium include key contributors to the affordable housing development industry in the Southeast, including Doug Shipman, president, Atlanta City Council: Eugene Jones, CEO of Atlanta Housing; Steven Reed, mayor, City of Montgomery; Adrianne Todman, HUD deputy secretary; George Guy, CEO, Fort Wayne Housing Authority; and David A. Northern, Sr., CEO, Houston Housing Authority. Visit the CityBuilders website for the latest updates to sessions and panelists.

        Winchester, who also is the MRED Advisory Council chair, commented on the extensive range of experience and expertise represented by this year’s program. “Our faculty, partners and alumni have gone beyond the call of duty to help create unparalleled value for attendees at this event,” Winchester said. “More importantly, the enthusiastic participation of our hosts and line-up of expert panelists is a testament to the MRED program’s commitment to furthering the education and real-world engagement of both existing professionals and our pipeline of new real estate development graduates.”

        Sponsorship Opportunities

        Sponsorship opportunities for this year’s event remain open for companies looking to raise their visibility and support for affordable housing development. Sponsors receive multiple avenues of recognition for their support for this event and the ability to advance the continuing education and outreach initiatives of the MRED program. Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

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