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        Dollar General executive: AU supply chain graduates 'deliver value to employers'

        November 1, 2019 By Harbert College

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        “Auburn graduates’ comprehensive understanding of supply chain, coupled with the passion they bring, make them a great fit for Dollar General’s culture.”

        Editor's note: Harbert College of Business graduates catch the eye of employers who understand the effort the college puts into preparing our students to work effectively from the start and to advance their careers. Here’s an example of one executive’s experience with Harbert students:

        Tony Zuazo, Senior Vice President of Transportation and Inventory at the Dollar General Corporation, has seen the Harbert College of Business difference. Graduates from the college’s Supply Chain Management major, he notes, just stand out from their peers who have come from other schools.   

        zuazo“Supply chain-focused graduates from Auburn’s Harbert College of Business certainly have an academic knowledge and business acumen base because they have been exposed and educated on various disciplines within the field,” Zuazo said. “The foundational understanding from Auburn University’s well-rounded program allows graduates to join Dollar General and, on average, quickly adapt to the learning curve needed to support the company’s supply chain operations.”

        At the Harbert College of Business, these students obtain significant experience through required internships, case competitions and analytical projects, readying them for jobs ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Additionally, Auburn's Center for Supply Chain Innovation provides unique opportunities for students to attend industry conferences and participate in company consulting projects. These industry-facing experiences are made possible by the generous financial support of companies like Dollar General, one of the Center's founding sponsors.

        recruiter“Keep in mind that Dollar General’s comprehensive supply chain network currently supports more than 16,000 store locations, 16 traditional distribution centers and four DG Fresh facilities through an integrated team comprised of Demand Chain, Transportation, Master Data Management and Distribution Center Operations,” Zuazo said.  “Our complex network requires a team focused on the intricate details of supply chain, and Auburn graduates are certainly an asset to Dollar General in that regard.”

        He said Harbert College graduates bring unique qualities to the Goodlettsville, Tennessee-based corporation, which marks its 80th anniversary this year.

        “Graduates from Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business Supply Chain program come to Dollar General with balanced learning, which enables the students to have both a technical and functional education about the Supply Chain industry,” Zuazo said. “Academically, they are well prepared to join the workforce and help deliver value to employers like Dollar General.

        retail“Additionally, Auburn graduates’ comprehensive understanding of supply chain, coupled with the passion they bring, make them a great fit for Dollar General’s culture, which focuses on our mission of serving others.”

        Zuazo said prospective students who are interested in entering the supply chain field can look forward to an optimal educational experience at the Harbert College of Business.

        “Auburn University’s Supply Chain Management program provides students with a nationally recognized and award-winning program that infuses students’ educations with real-world scenarios and case studies,” he said. “By coupling exceptional faculty and administration who are vested in the students’ learning journeys with an outstanding curriculum, Auburn University’s Supply Chain Management program helps set up students for success, both in securing initial employment and reaching their career potentials.”

        The Harbert College of Business Supply Chain Management Program is ranked No. 3 in North America according to Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm.