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        Executive MBA student spotlight: Jennifer Revell

        August 19, 2020 By Harbert College of Business

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        Jennifer Revell

        Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia

        revellCurrently Reside: Leesburg, Georgia

        Prior Education: Georgia State University, Communications-Broadcast Journalism

        Current Role/Organization: Sales Training Manager at Organogenesis Inc.

        Why did you choose the Auburn Executive MBA program?

        The Auburn EMBA program is very unique and diverse which encompassed all of the key aspects I was looking for in an MBA. First, Auburn has an impeccable reputation and history of being a solid and well-respected institution. I was also very drawn to the cohort design aspect of the program; working with others from different backgrounds in various career paths is an invaluable learning tool. The curriculum offered in the courses throughout the 21 months was exactly what I was looking for to broaden my education. This EMBA will expand my knowledge on how organizations are run at the top level and allow me to understand how certain strategies and methods are used by executives to arrive at important decisions regarding the growth and longevity of the company. 

        As you conclude your first week of residency, how would you describe the experience?

        The biggest key takeaway was that working within a cohort for the next 21 months is going to prove to be the biggest influence throughout this process. The collaboration among one another in just one week was tremendous. In addition, Dr. Harris, Dr. Collazo, and Dr. Jones were terrific at putting my mind at ease regarding the expectations and layout of their courses. The professors impress upon you they are there to work with you, looking only for you to gain as much knowledge as possible and be successful. 

        When we can welcome you and your cohort to campus, what are you most looking forward to?

        I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person, and really strengthening those bonds with my peers in the cohort as well as the professors. Ultimately, some of these relationships will last well beyond the program and be individuals I’ll turn to for advice and support for many years to come.

        What do you hope to achieve through the Auburn Executive MBA program?

        My goal upon completing the program is to obtain career advancement. However, this is certainly not a check box to climb the ladder. This degree will allow me to make a difference, make an impact within my organization by bringing knowledge of business and how businesses are operating and functioning in today’s environment.


        A Master of Business Administration is understood to provide a foundation in accounting, finance, statistics, marketing and management. The Auburn Executive MBA delivers more. Tailored to professionals with 8 or more years of progressive experience, the program utilizes the significant knowledge and experience of students to ground business principles and theory with examples of real-world application. The Executive MBA program blends intensive residencies with distance courses for best of both worlds - classroom instruction that provides interaction with faculty and peers and online learning that offers the flexibility to balance career, family and rigorous education. This delivery model binds students into a tight-knit cohort that later becomes a professional network offering benefits long after graduation. 

        Visit us for more information about the Auburn Executive MBA program or schedule an online consultation today. Contact us by email at