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        Executive MBA student spotlight: Mikeya Vance

        August 19, 2020 By Harbert College of Business

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        The Harbert College is committed to developing graduates who are highly-skilled, professionally prepared, confident, ethical, and globally-minded.

        Mikeya Vance

        Hometown: Bessemer, Alabama

        Currently Reside:Alexandria, Virginia

        mbaPrior Education: Park University

        Current Role/Organization: I’m in the Air Force currently working at the Pentagon as the Superintendent of Joint and National Security Council Matters

        Why did you choose the Auburn Executive MBA program?

        It has been a lifelong dream of mine to attend Auburn. After extensively researching all the MBA programs that Auburn had to offer, the EMBA spoke to my willingness to not just earn a degree but also to become better a person and leader in the process. The lessons that you learn in this program can be applied in your personal and work life.

        As you conclude your first week of residency, how would you describe the experience?

        I would describe my experience as fun, engaging, educational, but most of all loving. Dr. Harris and Dr. Collazo were a breath of fresh air. They are so knowledgeable and gracious with their knowledge. My key takeaways were (1) Auburn is a family and every faculty/staff member exemplified the meaning of family, and (2) you can lean on your family, the exercise we did on Reciprocity showed me that people genuinely enjoy helping others, it’s empowering to help others without seeking help in return.

        When we can welcome you and your cohort to campus, what are you most looking forward to?

        I look forward to experiencing the “Spirit of Auburn” and to hug my new family and lifelong friends. I look forward to meeting my professors and the staff.

        What do you hope to achieve through the Auburn Executive MBA program?

        I hope to improve as a person and sharpen my skills as a leader. I love the thought of people wanting to work with me and wanting to work for me.  I hope that the skills and tools I take way from this program will help me to change the world for the better as a leader.


        A Master of Business Administration is understood to provide a foundation in accounting, finance, statistics, marketing and management. The Auburn Executive MBA delivers more. Tailored to professionals with 8 or more years of progressive experience, the program utilizes the significant knowledge and experience of students to ground business principles and theory with examples of real-world application. The Executive MBA program blends intensive residencies with distance courses for best of both worlds - classroom instruction that provides interaction with faculty and peers and online learning that offers the flexibility to balance career, family and rigorous education. This delivery model binds students into a tight-knit cohort that later becomes a professional network offering benefits long after graduation. 

        Visit us for more information about the Auburn Executive MBA program or schedule an online consultation today. Contact us by email at