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        Graduation marshal: 'Time in FMA the most impactful to my college experience'

        December 8, 2020 By Joe McAdory

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        “The Harbert College of Business and FMA connected me with mentors that gave me insights early on in my college experience on what I needed to do to achieve my career goals.” — Jimmy Brewster

        The Harbert College is committed to providing a superior student experience that produces highly
        sought-after graduates and cultivates lifelong engagement.

        Jim Brewster came to Auburn as a freshman – eager to get involved and take advantage of the resources the Harbert College of Business had to offer. It didn’t take long before the Atlanta native became involved in the Financial Management Association (FMA) and discovered his career calling and passion for the industry.

        jimmy brewsterFour years later, not only had Brewster served as Vice President of the Auburn Student Investment Fund (ASIF) and President of the FMA – and held five internships – he’s leaving Auburn as Harbert College’s Graduation Marshal for the December 12 commencement. Brewster will soon assume a role within Evercore’s Mergers and Acquisitions group in New York City. In doing so, Brewster will become the first Auburn graduate to hold such a position directly out of college.

        “The Harbert College of Business and FMA connected me with mentors that gave me insights early on in my college experience on what I needed to do to achieve my career goals,” Brewster said. “These mentors in the FMA were crucial in my professional development. In addition, Auburn FMA’s university-sponsored coursework, Practical Application and ASIF, provided me practical skills that I will use daily in my job such as financial modeling, valuation and corporate strategy.”

        The Financial Management Association, an exclusive student honor society, continues to place dozens of graduates into some of the nation’s top investment banking firms, provides multiple networking opportunities with executives in financial leadership positions, and provides practical application and ancillary training for its members.

        Tracy Richard, Director of the Integrated Financial Leadership Program at the Harbert College and FMA faculty advisor, considers Brewster to be one of the brightest students she's mentored.

        "Even as an underclassman, Jim worked strategically and efficiently to follow his goal that one day he would represent Auburn University where seldom students had gone before," Richard said. "His initiative was impressive, but along with that initiative was a character steeped in humility, altruism, and leadership. Jim is significantly involved on campus, focused on supporting his peers and the Harbert College of Business finance program. As President of the FMA, he has worked extensively year-round to provide guidance and aid to his colleagues – spending countless hours with students of all majors, who have an interest in finance. It is rare to meet a student as remarkable both academically and behaviorally, as Jim Brewster. He is both humble in manner, and prodigious in skill.

        "Jim has been relentless in his drive, not only for himself, but also for the organizations that he represents. He is not only a great leader, but also a great friend and I, along with the dozens of students that have benefitted from his stewardship, can’t thank him enough. Auburn is markedly better for having Jim as a student these last four and a half years."

        Brewster said his time in the FMA was the most impactful contributor to his college experience. 

        “Both the people and structure of the program guided me every step of the way in my personal and professional development,” he said. “Tracy Richard is the cornerstone for the group, and I am a personal witness that she dedicates her life to this program and these students. I recommend this program to every underclassmen I meet because I have never seen an organization on campus that creates as much of a tangible impact on students as this one.”

        In four years at Harbert, Brewster was also named AU Involve Student Leader of the Year for 2020, was recipient of the Phi Kappa Phi Yates Award, and helped lead a team of FMA members into the final round of the Duff & Phelps YOUniversity Challenge.  

        For more information about Auburn FMA, please email or visit here.