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        MAcc Class 2022: A gift for the future

        June 21, 2022 By Dianne Kroncke

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        MAcc 2022It started with an idea that grew into a legacy. Prior to graduation, students in the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) Class of 2022 were brainstorming on how best to make a gift that would promote the School of Accountancy at Auburn University.  They shared a common vision: to create something meaningful and long-lasting for future students.

        Maggie McCrory, a recent MAcc graduate, was selected as the Martin Fellow for her year in the program - an academic honor that came with a charge to promote philanthropy. She was encouraged in this endeavor by Andee Hodo, Director, Accounting Graduate and Online Programs.

        McCrory, shares, “At the beginning of the school year, our class wanted to tackle a goal that was attainable.” In the belief that a combined effort would most likely be the best way to proceed, they focused their discussions on finding that one solid project.

        There is Always A Way

        McCrory is a confident and professional organizer. “Our class sought a way to benefit more students in the future. This spurred us to forward-thinking—not just about today, but tomorrow, as well.” With the support of Allie Dyleski, Administrator, Accounting and Graduate Programs, she enlisted the assistance of Maggie Beans, Development Associate, Office of Advancement at the Harbert College of Business to help the class examine several options.  

        Maggie Beans shares, “We presented various proposals for gift considerations that included an annual giving campaign, an endowed gift for scholarships, and the naming of a room or the purchase of equipment. She was key to the student discussions of the pros and cons of each alternative. McCrory’s intelligence, kindness, and tenacity made her the perfect person to lead her class in their philanthropic efforts.”

        What the MAcc Class of 2022 wished to do was precedent-setting.  In the past, the only formal MAcc philanthropy effort was to encourage the program’s graduates to consider donating $500 over five years.  That purpose was to create a history of alumni giving.  What this group of students had in mind was far more significant. 

        They set a goal of $25,000, the minimum needed to establish an endowed undergraduate scholarship. Even though it would be months before many of them received their first paycheck, they did not let the seemingly large number deter them.

        After weighing the merits of the various options, a consensus for establishing the scholarship endowment was reached. The approachable part of this planned endowment is that no specific amount is required of the donors. The amount of their pledge is of their choosing.

        Allie Dyleski commented, “I think the MAcc Class of 2022 proved that giving back to Auburn doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming; and it doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar gift to be impactful. Any amount makes a difference and because this group decided to give as a class, they will be able to help deserving accounting students year after year. That to me, is huge. Students will benefit from the MAcc Class of 2022 Endowed Scholarship forever now. I hope this encourages others to give what is manageable for them and sets a precedent for future classes. “

        Stepping Out in Faith

        McCrory noted, “Since we like solving complex accounting problems and understanding the financial struggles students face, we became even more committed to our goal.” Many students stepped out in faith during the MAcc Appreciation Luncheon and signed their pledge cards, formally inking their commitment.   At the end of the luncheon, the first
        “Endowed  MAcc Class of 2022 Student Scholarship,” became a reality.  To date, more than $26,400 has been pledged.  

        “ I am so proud of this class and all that they achieved. When Maggie, Allie, and myself first had a conversation about class giving, I never imagined the goal the Class of 2022 would set for themselves. Not only did they make their goal, but they surpassed it!” said Andee Hodo.

        Reunion 2027

        The completion of their pledges happens to coincide with their 5th-year class reunion in 2027. “We are already planning a big celebration to mark our milestone,” says McCrory.  

        McCrory is looking forward to beginning her new job as an Assurance Associate in the fall with Ernst & Young(EY).If you speak with any MAcc students they will credit their job offers and learning experiences to the quality education provided by the School’s faculty and staff, “We want future students to have the same incredible experience that we enjoyed,” emphasizes McCrory. 

        The MAcc students are also challenging other departments in the Harbert College of Business to create their own legacy class gifts to Auburn.  “My hope is that the MAcc Class of 2022 inspires future young alumni to identify an area or experience that was impactful to their development at Auburn and choose to give back,” says Maggie Beans.

        It is about the impact of personal giving that creates a legacy!