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        Marketing, Student

        Marketing senior's internships great prep for career

        March 20, 2024 By Troy Turner

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        Elizabeth Hobbs taking selfie with Aubie

        In addition to completing multiple internships, Elizabeth Hobbs worked in the Harbert College of Business Office of Professional and Career Development for five semesters, helping with career fairs and participating in their educational events.

        Elizabeth Hobbs has loved Auburn all her life, but after a campus tour and hearing about the many offerings and successes associated with the university’s Harbert College of Business, she also found a professional calling.

        Hobbs, a senior from Athens, Alabama, is majoring in marketing with a minor in technical and professional communication. She plans to graduate in May and said she feels well prepared for what’s ahead.

        “I was drawn to Auburn University for the apparent love students had for education, involvement and Auburn. I loved the hometown and family feel of the university,” she said. “After my tour, I stopped at a local coffee shop where I found a copy of the Circle, Auburn’s literary and arts magazine, and remember feeling that I could find my place at Auburn.”

        Once a student, she quickly became involved in a busy list of university activities, class projects, professional internships and other business development opportunities provided by Harbert. She also leads student tours and works with student media, including the university’s radio station, WEGL 91.1FM, and with the Circle staff.

        Elizabeth Hobbs on air at WEGL radio

        Elizabeth Hobbs on air at Auburn's WEGL radio station.

        “Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, and Harbert offers plenty of opportunities to fill in the gaps,” Hobbs said. “Four of my internships I discovered through my program champion, and between career fairs, working with the university’s Office of Professional and Career Development (OPCD), and each major’s program champions, there are countless opportunities to build your network and find internship and job opportunities.

        “Working in (OPCD) for the past five semesters, I’ve participated in many of its educational events like Lunch & Learns with employers, etiquette dinners, and more. I’ve worked many career fairs and supported the office through events and employer engagements, and it’s awe-inspiring how many opportunities there truly are.”

        She also knows the value of having a degree from a reputable school such as Auburn University and the Harbert College of Business.

        “I just accepted a full-time job with Hville Blast, a modern media company in Huntsville, after interning with them last summer. I can’t take all the credit – I owe a big thanks to my Harbert mentors for their support and guidance,” she said.

        “Having Harbert on your resume speaks volumes and is definitely a differentiator. I always tell my tours, not only do you get a degree at Harbert, but you get the reputation and network that comes with it. With my experience in the OPCD, I’ve seen firsthand the demand employers have for Harbert students.”

        Elizabeth Hobbs, marketing senior

        Danielle Corrigan, program champion in the Department of Marketing, nominated Hobbs for consideration in representing Harbert as its exceptional student highlighted in the Glomerata, Auburn's yearbook. Hobbs won the honor.

        She is extremely humble, her work ethic is unmatched, and she is always willing to give back to Auburn students,” Corrigan said.

        Hobbs said she will always have a love for her alma mater.

        “I’m thankful to have so many favorite moments at Auburn,” she said. “It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite!”

        She also recalled several of her favorite classes so far.

        “I love bragging about Harbert professors on my Executive Society tours. Harbert professors all bring real-world experience, grit, passion and knowledge that they freely offer us students. Even in the most uninteresting classes to me, I still love learning from them,” Hobbs said.

        “Not only have I learned valuable concepts in these classes,” she said, “but I learned strategic thinking skills and built relationships that will last beyond graduation... I’m also now completing my fifth internship, and all have prepared me in unique ways for my career.”


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