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        Master of Real Estate and Development Student Spotlight: Merrill Fung

        September 3, 2020 By Harbert College of Business

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        fungMerrill Fung 


        Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

        Currently Reside:

        Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

        Prior Education:

        Bachelor of Architectural Science, Ryerson University in Toronto  

        Current Employment:
        I am currently based in Toronto, working for one of the largest real estate developers in Canada - Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited.  As Senior Director in Architecture & Design Developments, I oversee the design vision of our properties, from shopping centers, office, and mixed-use densification developments.

        Why did you choose the Auburn Executive Master of Real Estate Development program? 

        Through my research, I valued that the Auburn MRED program is offered jointly by the College of Architecture, Design and Construction and the Harbert College of Business. This collaboration enables architecture, city planning, urban design, sustainability, and natural resource efficiency to be sewn into every seam of the program, but in a very balanced way with construction management, project management, real estate law, market analysis, investment analysis, and capital markets.  That was one of the most important criteria for me - a full perspective of the entire real estate spectrum that expands on architecture and design to envision the possibilities. 

        mbaDuring my campus visit to Auburn, the faculty embraced a passionate energy for learning that made me excited and wanting to be back in an academic environment.  Auburn’s MRED program utilizes distance-learning technologies, campus residences and field study trips without career interruption.  I can learn, be able to reflect, and apply to my work right away - which is an amazing opportunity. 

        As you conclude your first week of residency, how would you describe the experience?

        Exhausted, but well-worth the hard work and time invested.  It was beyond my expectations. There was great respect and energy coming from the cohort, and the professors were very supportive as we maneuvered new territories.  This program is set up to deliver a wealth of knowledge, but it is up to each of us to embrace the opportunity and extend our reach to get the most of out of this program with the people around us.

        When we can welcome you and your cohort to campus, what are you most looking forward to?

        Be able to share a smile in-person and discuss ideas in a smooth flow without the interruption of delayed connections.  Most important of all, the unique bond from human interaction, social stimulation and team collaboration will be something I am most looking forward to.

        What do you hope to achieve through the Auburn Executive MBA program?

        Before joining my first week of residency, I would have said, “With the new knowledge that I will gain from this program, it will strengthen my leadership in real estate, and provide foresight that embraces challenges, mitigates problems and forms feasible solutions as I expand my career and continue to support Cadillac Fairview’s Development team.”  That has not changed but now there is more.  I am looking forward to building long-lasting professional relationships with the cohort and faculty. To learn from them, to think differently, to open new opportunities and to expand what real estate development has to offer.