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        Physicians Executive MBA Program Student Spotlight: Jenni Bartlotti Telesz

        August 25, 2020

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        The Harbert College is committed to developing graduates who are highly-skilled, professionally prepared, confident, ethical, and globally-minded.

        teleszJenni Bartlotti Telesz, MD

        Hometown: Carrollton, Texas

        Currently Reside: Temecula, California

        Prior Education:

        Bachelor of Science from University of Oklahoma, MD from University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Anesthesiology Residency at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship at UCLA

        Current Role/Organization:

        Pediatric Anesthesiologist in a Private Practice Anesthesiology Group

        Why did you choose the Auburn Physicians Executive MBA program?

        I chose the Auburn PEMBA program because of its legacy. It was one of the first programs to recognize that physicians have a unique perspective and opportunity within the healthcare realm. With focused policy experiences in Washington DC and abroad, it will supplement my organized medicine experience. The program is held in extraordinarily high regard, with excellent alumni feedback. It provides the networking opportunities within healthcare that I am seeking to further my career.

        As you conclude your first week of residency, how would you describe the experience? What are your key takeaways?

        After just a week, I already can sense my personal growth as a communicator and leader. It is quite invigorating to surround yourself (albeit virtually) with like-minded physicians in pursuit of creating a better healthcare system for patients and those that provide care. The first residency has given me the tools to use self-reflection to grow my leadership skills. I have already had the opportunity to use these new communication and leadership skills in high level meetings. 

        When we can welcome you and your cohort to campus, what are you most looking forward to?

        mbaI am really looking forward to the opportunity to have more informal interactions with the members of my cohort. It was incredible how well we were able to bond through electronic communication, and I am confident that in-person interactions will lead to lifelong relationships.

        What do you hope to achieve through the Auburn Physicians Executive MBA program?

        As a physician, I can impart small positive changes every day, one patient at a time. With the business language skills that I acquire through the Auburn PEMBA program, I hope to attain a role within a healthcare system where I can amplify these small changes. I want to drive meaningful system-wide change that will result in patient-focused, high quality, and efficient care. 

        About the Physicians Executive MBA Program

        Any medical organization, hospital or specialization group needs both business and clinical talents to achieve operating success. Too often, these two vital functions exist in separate camps within the same organization. What’s missing? The hybrid healthcare professional who understands both the practice of medicine and the business of medicine. 

        Auburn’s Physicians Executive MBA program provides physicians a comprehensive understanding of critical business disciplines and practices. The 21-month program blends intensive residencies with distance courses for best of both worlds – face to face instruction that provides interaction with faculty and peers and online learning that offers the flexibility to balance a physician’s busy schedule. The physician-only cohort sees the value of learning the business of medicine in the context of the practice of medicine, learning not only from our top-notch faculty, but also from each other. This delivery model binds students into a tight-knit cohort that later becomes a professional network offering benefits long after graduation. 

        Visit us for more information about the Auburn Physicians Executive MBA program or schedule a consultation today. Contact us by email at