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        Harbert's spring graduation marshal eyes future on New York financial scene

        April 26, 2023 By Troy Turner

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        Maggie Richard already has a resume loaded with notations of award-winning leadership, and now she is adding another by being chosen as the Spring Class of 2023 graduation marshal representing Auburn’s Harbert College of Business.

        Richard is graduating with a degree in finance and grew up in Auburn, but her impressive list of accomplishments and steadfast display of business acumen has her career path already set for moving to the Big Apple.

        Maggie Richard wearing graduation marshal sash

        Finance senior Maggie Richard is the spring 2023 graduation marshal representing the Harbert College of Business.

        “After graduation, I will be headed to New York City to work in investment banking for TD Securities in their Leveraged Finance group,” she said, attributing her interest in finance to an early influence from her mother.

        “My mom has always been my role model and biggest fan. Growing up, she would walk me to the bus stop while reading the Wall Street Journal,” Richard said. “Her passion for giving women in finance a seat at the table has always been an inspiration to me. When I came to Auburn, I decided to follow in her footsteps in hopes of promoting more women in the industry.”

        Richard’s love of Auburn came naturally, she said.

        “Growing up in Auburn, I spent most of my childhood cheering on Auburn at football games, rolling Toomer's, and getting lemonade downtown,” she said. “I love the small-town feel of Auburn and the community surrounding the university. Therefore, when it came time to choose my college, Auburn University was the only school that I applied to.

        “During my time at Auburn, I have gotten involved with the Auburn Student Investment Fund and the Financial Management Association (FMA).”

        She didn’t just serve in those organizations, but she and her teammates thrived, to the tune of becoming champions representing Auburn in national – and international – competition.

        The 2023 London finals

        Jeff Hart, senior lecturer in finance at Auburn, recommended Richard for the grand marshal honor and explained in his nomination letter why he found her so deserving:

        “As [co]-president of FMA, Maggie takes it upon herself to lead by example and further push the FMA program to excellence. She has represented Auburn University in several business case competitions... In addition, Maggie participated in the Kroll International YOUniversity Challenge, where [she] and two other students competed against 250 teams internationally,” Hart said.

        “Maggie helped to propel Harbert College of Business into the international spotlight when Auburn first won nationals, and then beat out teams from France, India and China to claim the international title in the 2023 London finals...

        “Maggie has also made strong efforts to represent the college and it's accomplishments within Auburn University,” Hart noted. “She has spoken to the Auburn University Foundation... as well as the Auburn Board of Trustees, where she helped to inform trustees of Harbert’s Integrated Financial Leadership Program and its mission and accomplishments.

        “As FMA [co]-president, she has overseen the opening of the Financial Leadership Center, where Maggie has spent countless hours mentoring 62 active members and training a class of 40 new candidates, fostering an environment of hard work and servitude.”

        ‘Would not change a thing’

        Richard realized when she began her studies at Auburn that she still needed a better idea of where a career in finance might take her, and she found it.

        “Coming to Auburn, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in finance but had little idea as to what that looked like. I decided to reach out to Jenny Harrell, the CIO of the Auburn Student Investment Fund, to learn more about finance and the program,” she said. “I am extremely grateful for Jenny's mentorship and friendship. She took me under her wing and encouraged me to interview for FMA.

        “That is what the organization is all about. Members go through training and are placed at incredible firms,” Richard said. “However, it doesn't end there. Once placed, FMA and ASIF members look to the younger generation to help them prepare for future opportunities. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without the support of the program and the doors that it has opened for me.”

        Another consideration Richard faced in pursuing her degree was whether to attend college in the same town where she grew up.

        “Going to college in my hometown was definitely a tough adjustment,” she said. “I often found myself drawn back to my childhood home or surrounding myself with familiar faces. However, the opportunity to get involved on campus completely altered my college experience. This allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

        “I have loved every minute spent at Auburn and would not change a thing.”