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        Recent grads share savings tips in New York Times article

        January 9, 2017 By Troy Johnson

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        Ginger Carr Hamilton and Cory Hamilton understand the value of compound interest.

        As a result, the two recent Harbert College of Business graduates are well on their way to a worry-free retirement. Ginger, who earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2011 and a Master of Accountancy degree in 2012, and her husband, Cory, a 2012 finance alum, were recently interviewed by The New York Times for a story on “millennial savers.”

        The story, “For Millennials, it’s never too early to save for retirement,” included interviews with young professionals between the ages of 20 and 35 who have prioritized retirement savings. Ginger, a staff accountant for Coca-Cola, and Cory, program manager for strategic alliances at Delta Air Lines, discussed their methods for accumulating more than $100,000 in retirement savings since marrying last year.

        Ginger told The Times that she began planning for retirement after taking a class in high school that showed how compound interest would benefit young savers. She channeled earnings from a weekend job into an IRA and has taken advantage of a 401(k) offered by her employer. “I want to work really hard and save really hard so I can travel the world and not have to worry about finances,” she told The Times.

        Retirement planning experts interviewed by The Times suggest young workers utilize Roth retirement fund options, in which contributions are made after tax and earnings and savings are tax-free. The experts also suggested that millennial workers meet their employers’ maximum match amounts in 401(k) contributions.