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        Student Spotlight

        Student Blogger: Internship Spotlight

        August 19, 2022 By Josiah Hart

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        Entrepreneurship | Fall 2022

        Josiah Hart


        This Fall at Auburn, I'll have the opportunity to continue working at Quality Care Exterior Solutions (QCES) during my fall semester through my entrepreneurship internship. I currently serve as the owner and operator of the company. A friend of mine and I started QCES while we were in highschool as a way to save for college, little did we know it would grow into a career. 

        At Quality Care Exterior Solutions  we work with all sizes of customers to provide exterior cleaning and logistics solutions for buildings and grounds maintenance. We specialize in providing grime and dirt removal services from all exterior surfaces including glass, concrete, stone, vinyl and more. We create relationships with our clients, manage our web presence and SEO operations, manage company scheduling and employee organizational systems, and build and maintain specialized equipment solutions that allow us to quickly and effectively complete our service visits. Some examples of our larger and more prominent clients include Collier's International, Triad Properties, Three Sixty {real estate}, and The Broadway Group. For these properties, we provide exterior cleanings on an annual basis freeing them of safety concerns, and maintaining and improving the curb appeal of their physical locations.

        One of the best aspects of interning for a company you own, is the ability to set your own hours. I can coordinate our larger company projects around my and my employee's school schedules, allowing us all to progress academically as we move forwards in our business at the same time.
        Running my own business has been an extremely informative experience. In my time at QCES, I've had to learn about company structure, licensing and registration, tax filing, employee payroll practices, insurance, CRMs and accounting software, job scheduling software, SEO and more. The best way to learn something is truly to throw yourself out there, and entrepreneurship is the best way to get yourself into the deep end.