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        Accounting Bridge students have the option to take anywhere from one to twelve courses in order to fulfill their academic goals.

        Recommended Courses

        • ACCT 5110 Intermediate Accounting I*
        • ACCT 5120 Intermediate Accounting II*
        • ACCT 5210 Cost Accounting*
        • ACCT 5510 Accounting Information Systems*
        • ACCT 5520 Accounting Analytics*
        • ACCT 5300 Auditing & Assurance Services*
        • ACCT 5410 Income Tax I*

        Additional Courses

        • ACCT 5130 Advanced Accounting Topics (fall and spring)
        • ACCT 5420 Income Tax II*
        • ACCT 5610 Governmental & Not-For-Profit Accounting (fall and spring)
        • ACCT 5700 Advanced Business Law*

        *These courses are offered every semester.

        The student's plan of study must be approved by Andee Hodo, Director of Graduate and Online Programs, at or (334) 844-6207. Candidates interested only in taking accounting classes to meet CPA exam requirements may apply to the Accounting Bridge Program.

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        Andee Hodo

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