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        To be eligible to apply to the online Master of Accountancy program, you must

        • Hold a four-year, regionally-accredited (SACS, NCACS, NEACS, etc.) bachelor's degree from a U.S. institution
        • Be a U.S. citizen or a Green Card holder (Permanent Resident) and have either a USA or APO address
        • Must meet the Business Foundation prerequisites (see below)

        Please note that you are not allowed dual enrollment in an Auburn University campus program and online accounting program. 


        • Business Foundation
          • Microeconomics
          • Macroeconomics
          • Principles of Financial Accounting
          • Statistics
          • Business Law
          • Principles of Management
          • Principles of Marketing
          • Principles of Finance
        • Accounting Foundation

          Students who have completed the following courses will receive course waivers and can complete the MAcc degree with fewer hours required.

          • Intermediate Accounting I
          • Intermediate Accounting II
          • Cost Accounting
          • Accounting Information Systems
          • Auditing
          • Income Tax I
          • Accounting Analytics 

        If you would rather take the Accounting Foundation courses at the undergraduate level, we offer three unique programs to help you earn those credits:

        Accounting Bridge Online

        An online, 21 credit hour program for candidates with non-AACSB accredited business degrees

        Accounting Bridge Online

        Undergraduate Certificate

        An online, 24 credit hour program for candidates with a degree in any discipline

        Certificate in Accountancy

        BSBA in Accountancy Online

        An online, 30 credit hour program for candidates with an AACSB-accredited business degree

        BSBA in Accountancy Online

        How to Apply

        • New Applicants
          • Complete the online Graduate School Application (requires a $60 application fee)
          • Upload the following materials with your Graduate School Application and select your planned course of study as "Accounting (Distance Program) Masters"
            • Résumé
            • Statement of purpose
            • Names and emails of three references (eligible references include current or former employers; clients, if you are self employed; or professors)
            • Unofficial transcripts from every institution attended (official transcripts will be required if you are accepted into the program)
          • Submit your GMAT score (or complete the GMAT waiver request form found in the application , if you’re eligible)
        • Current or Former Graduate Certificate in Accountancy Students
          • Complete the online Graduate School Application and select your planned course of study as "Accounting (Distance Program) Masters” (this is a new application and is separate from the original GCA application)
          • Current and former GCA students are granted a GMAT waiver upon successful completion of the GCA
          • The Admissions Committee does not require letters of recommendation for current/former GCA students applying to the MAcc. However, the Graduate School Application will require email addresses to be provided in order for the application to be considered complete. Since the Admissions Committee will not be reviewing these letters, please enter any three distinct personal email addresses to bypass the requirement.
          • If your résumé has changed since you originally applied to the GCA, please upload the revised version. You will notice an "Accounting" link on the left side of the page below your Test Scores link. You must click on "Accounting" and upload your résumé.
          • Current GCA Students: Once you are ready to submit your application, please email to request the application fee waiver and explain that you are hoping to matriculate from the GCA to the MAcc.

        GMAT Waiver

        Prospective students applying to the online Master of Accountancy might be eligible to receive a GMAT Waiver. In order to be considered for a waiver, you must meet one of the criteria listed below:

        • Undergraduate business degree from an AACSB accredited business school with a minimum 3.30 overall GPA.
        • Completion of online Auburn Accounting Bridge or Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting (UCA)
          program with a minimum 3.25 GPA.
        • Completion of online Auburn Graduate Certificate in Accounting (GCA) with a minimum 3.25 GPA.
        • JD, MD, PhD from a U.S. accredited institution.
        • Advanced degree in business from an AACSB accredited business school.
        • Successful completion of CPA exam.
        • Relevant work experience (five years plus).

        Granting of a GMAT Waiver does not result in automatic admission.


        Semester to Enroll

        Priority Deadline


        July 1


        November 1


        April 1

        Selection Process

        Applications for the online Master of Accountancy program are considered on a competitive basis. We do not advertise minimum GPA and GMAT requirements because the Admissions Committee uses a holistic approach when reviewing your application package. The Committee considers the quality of your academic background, grade point averages, letters of recommendation, GMAT score, and work experience.

        The School of Accountancy has full authority over the admissions and matriculation processes for all applicants to the program.

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