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        Student Center for Public Trust chapter holds first meeting

        October 30, 2017

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        scptAlfonzo Alexander, Chief Relationship Officer of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, addressed more than 115 students and faculty members on Monday, October 23, at Harbert College’s first Student Center for Public Trust (SCPT) chapter meeting.

        Alexander, who is also President and CEO of the Center for Public Trust, shared personal and professional experiences about how ethics has played a role in his success.


        “The SCPT will become the focal point for providing student information and resources to advance ethical leadership in their careers,” said Auburn SCPT chapter advisor O.C. Ferrell, the James T. Pursell, Sr., Eminent Scholar in Ethics at the Harbert College of Business and Director of the Center for Ethical Organizational Cultures, which also sponsors the chapter.

        “Mr. Alexander’s talk was as engaging as it was informative. Often asking participants to give their thoughts on certain ethical dilemmas and encouraging discussion – it was an opportunity to put a more dynamic face on a subject that is so often met with nonchalance. This event was a fantastic first impression for an organization that aims to make a big splash on campus.”

        With more than 37 chapters in 18 states, the SCPT offers students an opportunity to develop unique skills, participate in community service projects, and network extensively through its vast connective outreach. While the Center provides extensive training programs and even certifications to carry forward into professional life, it also serves as a safe haven for alumni presented with dilemmas and resources to help navigate them effectively.

        The SCPT meets twice a semester, and is actively planning its events for the spring semester. To become a member, contact the Center for Ethical Organizational Cultures, at, or search Auburn SCPT on AUinvolve.