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        Harbert students share their once-in-a-lifetime summer abroad

        November 8, 2022 By Nicole Archer

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        The Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Prado Museum and Plaza Mayor are just a handful of the historic landmarks 95 Harbert students experienced this summer. On this life-changing summer program, students spent six weeks in Rome, six weeks in Madrid, and had a week break in-between to spend as they wanted. In both countries, students took their business classes during the week and were able to enjoy Harbert-organized excursions organized and led by their Harbert professors.

        Management Professor Garry Adams has been part of the trip for several years working in both a teaching role and organizational capacity because he feels the “study abroad programs provide Harbert students with excellent learning platforms both within and outside of the classroom.”

        Harbert students Madrid square

        In the summer of 2022, Harbert College of Business students traveled to Madrid (above) and Rome taking business classes and enjoying Harbert-organized trips led by their professors.

        “We incorporate the international environment into cultural visits and classroom discussions to offer real-world examples of differences between U.S. and international cultures,” said Adams.

        Harbert student w backpack Colliseum


        “Both Rome and Madrid have been excellent Study Abroad cities for us because of the variety of experiences each provides. Rome offers centuries of unique art, architecture and history, while Madrid delivers a more cosmopolitan and modern view of European life. Both are large cities with plenty to do and see, and the students and faculty can successfully navigate each without speaking fluent Italian or Spanish.”

        According to Avery Williams, an accountancy major from Atlanta, Georgia, she chose this program because it is a unique opportunity you don’t get in any other part of your life. Williams feels this opportunity has given her “a better perspective of her life in the world.” She emphasized that “having Auburn abroad, not just yourself, makes you feel like you are in a close-knit family abroad.”

        Addie Dewhirst, who is majoring in biomedical sciences- pre-PA with a minor in business, appreciated the practical aspects of studying abroad.

        “After spending six weeks in Rome, I felt I could go anywhere, I knew where the metro was going, where the busses would take me, I felt very comfortable,” Dewhirst said. This new confidence was my favorite part of the program. In addition, all the excursions are so fun because you get to be with everyone in a big group, which made me excited for what is to come, after graduation.”

        Julianne Lozano, a business major from Orlando, Florida, felt this was the perfect opportunity to study abroad without missing any of her semesters at Auburn. Because the program included so many of her core business classes, Lozano was also able to add a minor.

        Lozano raved about the classroom experience abroad saying, “the small class sizes allow you to build relationships because you see the same people every day.”

        Some of the biggest takeaways the students shared involved their exposure to different cultures. Lozano is now “more open-minded toward other people and cultures, while Gracie Stephens, a public relations major, said she enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds that she wouldn’t have met before.”

        Each with different takeaways, but bonded by their shared summer abroad experience, they will not soon forget their time together in Europe.

        For students interested in studying aboard with Harbert College of Business please visit: for more information. (Article updated 11.22.22)

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