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        Virtual Computer Lab

        Click here to access the Virtual lab from your web browser


        • How do I log into the Virtual Lab?
          When you open the Virtual Lab webpage or remote desktop app, you may be prompted to logon. Use your username followed by for the username/email and your normal Auburn password to login. Select Workspace or School Account if prompted.
        • When should I use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app instead of a web browser?

          Students can access all of the software installed on the virtual lab with only a web browser; however, installing and using the dedicated app does have a few benefits. Because this software runs directly on your computer and not within a browser, it can make your local computer's hard drive and USB storage devices available directly from within the virtual lab. This software also makes it easier to move virtual lab app windows around and run more than one virtual lab app at once since they appear directly on your computer screen and not within a browser window.

          You can download the Microsoft Remote Desktop from

          When logging into Microsoft Remote Desktop, you will need to either click Subscribe with URL or select the Workspace tab and enter the following workspace URL:

        • Why do I have to login again when launching an app?
          Sometimes when you launch an app, the virtual lab needs to setup and prepare a computer for you to use. The login prompt is for this virtual computer.
        • I don't see the app I need listed?

          Some apps cannot be run directly from the virtual lab web interface or desktop app. For these apps, you will first need to launch the Windows Desktop and then search for the app in the Apps folder on the virtual computer desktop. 

          If an app you need for class is not available from the Windows Desktop please contact our department for assistance. (contact info below)

        • Where should I store my files?
          Files must be saved to a network location (e.g., the H: drive) or a cloud location (e.g., OneDrive) in order to guarantee that they're accessible for future logins. Files saved to the lab's C: drive, including the Desktop or Documents folder, are unlikely to be available in the future.
        • Why do Office Apps (Word, Excel, etc.) sometimes require me to sign in?
          Office 365 apps require each person using the app to have a valid license. You may be prompted to sign in so that Microsoft can verify that Auburn has licensed you to use the software. (All Auburn students and staff are licensed, and using the apps on the Virtual Lab will not count against your device activation limit.)
        • Why do Office plugins (@Risk, DecisionTree, etc.) sometimes fail to load?
          Sometimes when Office prompts you to sign that prevents the plugins from loading properly. Simply close and reopen the app and the plugin should load correctly the second time.
        • Why is there a yellow triangle next to my name at the top of an Office app (Word, Excel, etc.)?

          That warning indicates a problem accessing One Drive. IF you are not using One Drive you can ignore the error. Otherwise to fix it, Click on your name (next to the triangle,) then click "Sign in", and enter your credentials to sign into One Drive.

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