Have the Courage to Lead

A degree in Management provides you with a comprehensive overview of the skill set necessary for you to compete in a managerial position in business.

The curriculum, which was designed with significant input from the business community, emphasizes such areas as behavioral dynamics, leadership skills, project management, business logistics and processes, international relations, as well as the management of information systems.  These managerial skills, complemented by the solid foundation provided by the business core, equip you with the necessary knowledge to become a successful manager.

Our graduates are career-ready upon graduation.  With management positions in high demand, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 9% growth in Human Resource Managers jobs through 2026.  The blend of practical and innovative education offered in the Management program allows Harbert graduates the opportunity to be successful in a growing field.  

A unique aspect of the program is the community service project class.  This course helps you understand the importance of community service and philanthropy in a global environment.


Why Choose Management at Harbert?

Scholarship Reigns
The Department of Management faculty includes eight endowed professors or eminent scholars and one Fulbright Scholar.

Welcome to the Tiger Cage
The college's Entrepreneurship program, available to Management students as a minor, developed the annual Tiger Cage competition. Tiger Cage discovers and rewards the best early-stage products, services, or business concepts that emerge from Auburn University students.  Students develop a business concept, pitch it to a seasoned group of judges, and potentially win funding and other resources to help jump-start a business.

Entrepreneurship and Family Business
The Lowder Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship combines outreach programming and academic studies in the area of family business.  Efforts are directed at being responsive and proactive to the needs of family businesses and to students interested in studying the dynamics of families in business.


Management Minors

Students earning their degree in Management have the option to choose between three minors that allow them to focus their studies towards a specific concentration depending on post-graduation career goals. 

Minors available to Management students are:

Entrepreneurship & Family Business


Entrepreneurship is the creation and management of an individual's own business. Whether a start-up, a franchise, or the purchase of an existing business. 


A minor in Entrepreneurship and Family Business offers the knowledge to run your own business supplemented by a solid foundation in business management. Focuses include managing finances, franchising, corporate venturing, legal issues, and marketing.

Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management (HRM) is a specialized management field devoted to techniques and strategies for the effective utilization of people.


A minor in HRM will offer instruction on the use of contemporary methods related to recruiting, selection, training and career development, performance appraisal, compensation and promotion systems, and other areas related to effective utilization of human resources.

Organizational Development & Change


Organizational Development and Change (ODC) is rooted in traditional management, but focused on the future leadership needs of large businesses and organizations.


A minor in ODC offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamental characteristics and behaviors that exemplify ethical leaders as well as how to manage unique and complex issues in the quickly changing global business environment.

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