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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        Financial Aid

        • What is the cost of tuition and fees for the 2021 Academic year?

          With the exception of summer, Full-time MBA students take a “full-load” which is defined as 9 or more credit hours. Resident tuition for a full load is $4,815/semester and $14,445 for non-residents. Students also pay an $826/semester student services fee and a $200/credit hour Harbert College of Business Professional Fee.

        • Do you have any financial aid or scholarships available?

          All Full-Time MBA students are eligible for financial aid. Please contact Auburn Student Financial Services for more information at (334) 844-4634.

          Visit Auburn Student Financial Services for additional resources related to tuition and fees.

        • Are graduate assistantships available to offset expenses?

          Auburn MBA Programs offers a competitive number of graduate assistantships (GA) each year to recruit the best and brightest to the Auburn Full-Time MBA. On average, approximately 50% of the new cohort are given an MBA assistantship to study for their graduate degree. These assistantships produce 2 levels: .33 GA Fellowship and .25 GA Fellowship. For the students awarded a .33 GA position, they receive a waiver of tuition and a monthly stipend of $808 per month. This award comes with a 14-hour per week work requirement. A .25 GA position allows for students to receive a tuition waiver up to one half of in-state tuition and a position to work 10 hours per week with a monthly stipend of $612 per month. With both assignments, you are assigned to work with business faculty or professional staff to support the mission and vision of the Harbert College of Business.

        • How do I use my Federal Veterans Educational Assistance Program benefits at Auburn University

          Auburn MBA Programs attracts a large number of veterans, and we are experienced with Veterans Educational Assistance Program benefits.

          Please contact Auburn MBA Programs Admissions Advisor Julie Vaught with specific questions at (334) 844-4060 or


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