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        What to Expect

        Explore the Auburn Master of Real Estate Development Program

        Explore the Auburn Master of Real Estate Development Program Video

        Take a deep dive into the Auburn Master of Real Estate Development program. Watch our prospective student webinar, or continue scrolling for a quick overview.

        A Unique Learning Experience 

        The Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) program is designed so you don't have to put your career on hold. A flexible online learning style during the semester. Interactive learning during on-campus residencies. Hands-on experiences during field studies in the US and abroad. This hybrid program has it all!

        • More About our Program Design

          In this 21-month program, you will learn online, in the classroom, and in the field. The well-balanced curriculum caters to all learning styles. And if needed, you'll have easy access to support from professors. Faculty and staff are here to make sure you feel connected online, on-campus, or during field studies.

          In addition, you will learn alongside a diverse cohort from many industries and backgrounds. You can work and support each other in the on-campus residencies and field studies. This will allow you to collaborate, share ideas, and begin building your network.

        Program Details

        Everything you need to know and more about the Auburn MRED program. Check out the program details for more on program prerequisites, how to use CANVAS, on-campus residencies, and more.

        • More Program Details

          During on-campus residencies, you will stay at The Hotel at Auburn University. Along with breakfast and lunch, this lodging is provided by the program. It will ensure that you have convenient and comfortable housing during the residency. In addition, Groome Transportation, the airport shuttle from Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, will deliver you to the hotel's front door.

          The first residency starts with an opening banquet at The Hotel at Auburn University. The next day you will participate in an outdoor team-building challenge course. This experience gives you the chance to get to know one another. You'll spend the day working on group and individual challenges (both mental and physical). Students often say this course is one of the highlights of their Auburn experience.

          Before formal class instruction begins, you will also have an intensive orientation. You will be introduced to the instructional technologies of the program and the student information systems on campus. The first on-campus residency is also used to check in with faculty. It is important that you are comfortable with the distance-learning portion. If there are any troubles, faculty will be there to help you make the appropriate adjustments.

          You will also travel with faculty on a series of field studies. The field studies will take you to one international and three domestic real estate development sites. You will get a chance to visit places featuring classic design as well as industry innovations. You can also meet the developers behind the featured projects. This offers insights into planning, development, and financing. 

        The Auburn MRED Advantage

        Student membership in the following professional organizations is included in your Auburn MRED tuition:

        Gain access to national and state conferences (at reduced prices), webinars, and publications of some of the foremost trade organizations in the commercial real estate development industry. In addition, you will opportunities to participate in the ULI, MIT Center for Real Estate (The CASE), Colvin (University of Maryland) case competitions.

        CCIM’s University Fast Track Program

        Completion of Auburn’s MRED program waives several of the CCIM required courses, including CI 101, CI 102, and CI 104.

        Get on the Fast Track

        Appraisal Institute Master’s Degree Program

        Earn an MAI designation based on equivalency credit for some or all of the academic requirements needed for designated membership.

        Earn an MAI

        Providing Graduate Executives an Excellent Return on Investment

        Providing Graduate Executives an Excellent Return on Investment Video

        For more than 10 years, the Auburn MRED program has provided graduate executive students with the foundation in design, finance, and construction needed to create financially sustainable real estate developments.

        Program Guidance from Industry Leaders

        Industry professionals successful in their fields inform and guide faculty, students and staff of the Auburn MRED  program. Those serving on the MRED Alumni Council and the Advisory Board share their time and industry knowledge to improve the MRED program and ensure the long-term success of its graduates.  Their engagement also provides students an expanded professional network of industry leaders. 

        • MRED Advisory Board

          The MRED program benefits from support of an exceptional Advisory Board comprised of more than 50 leaders representing all areas of the real estate industry, both national and international. Members include successful entrepreneurial developers, real estate attorneys, architectural professionals, contractors, brokerage firm executives, financial services firm leaders and top level executives of institutional capital providers.

          The board meets regularly twice a year and members sponsor, attend and participate in various MRED and CityBuilders events. Many members routinely lecture during residencies or provide video interviews that offer insights into their successful careers. Others have teamed with MRED to provide near-term development project sites that serve as cutting edge Capstone projects.

          MRED students regularly network with board members to establish industry connections and learn firsthand about emerging trends in the global real estate industry.

        • MRED Alumni Council

          The MRED Alumni Council’s mission is to improve the MRED students’ experience in the program and after graduation by maintaining active connections among alumni, Advisory Board members, and friends of MRED. These active connections are achieved through the sponsorship of real estate socials and professional panel discussions in major cities with concentrations of MRED students and alumni; an annual football tailgate in Auburn each fall semester; MRED open houses across the country; and international and domestic field study trips that include alumni and their families.  These activities build strong student cohorts, professional networks, program awareness, and professional reputations.

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        Joe Collazo

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