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        Student Support

        Once you join the Auburn Family, you’ll receive resources and support from a network of people committed to making your academic journey as smooth as possible. Both your Admissions Advisor and Student Success Coordinator will continue to provide academic support and professional guidance as you begin your program, helping you to stay connected every step of the way until you graduate.

        New Student Online Orientation

        As a new student, you’ll be invited to participate in the asynchronous New Student Online Orientation. This orientation will prepare you to succeed as an online student at Auburn University. It covers a variety of topics, including an introduction to Auburn, tips for managing a work/life balance, expectations for the program, policies, and advice for maximizing your online learning experience.

        Your Support Team

        Admissions Advisor

        Your admissions advisor is here to answer questions about your program, guide you through the application process and prepare you to succeed in completing your bachelor’s degree as an online student. Get in touch before you apply!

        Student Success Coordinator

        You’ll begin working with your SSC in orientation, and they’ll continue to provide you support throughout your academic journey. If you have questions about registration, orientation, books, or something else, your SSC is here to help!

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