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        Transfer Requirements

        Auburn’s online BSBA program is offered to students who are transferring credits from another university or who have started their studies at Auburn University but, for one reason or another, were unable to continue.

        The minimum requirements for the program include:

        • A 2.5 cumulative GPA (on 4.0 scale)
        • Fulfilling the required 63 hours of prerequisites

        Students applying to the online BSBA program are responsible for requesting official transcripts from all institutions they have attended; Auburn Admissions Advisors will then review the submitted transcripts to verify that core requirements have been met and to assist applicants with course sequencing moving forward.

        To find out if you’re fully eligible for the online BSBA, speak with an Admissions Advisor today by calling (334) 844-3833.

        We've got your back

        While our online Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree has been designed for students with a minimum of 63 completed undergraduate credits, we welcome applicants who may be a few hours shy. If you’ve completed at least 45 undergraduate credits and are interested in completing your business administration degree online, you can still be admitted to our program! Our Admissions Advisors will review your current transcripts to determine which core requirements you may be missing and will then help you identify opportunities to make up those courses while you begin your online studies with us.

        Transfer students who are admitted to the program with the required 63 undergraduate credits are also supported by our Admissions Advisors, who review your transcripts and verify that all core requirements have been met. From there, they will assist with course sequencing to help ensure that you complete your degree on time and on track with expectations.

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